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Complete disappointment
10 December 2019
Reviewer: Ao from Washington, DC

12 of 24 people found this review helpful

Chose this printer because they said they could do a 3 to 5 day turn around on printing - up to 14 days on shipping - this worked for my time frame.

After 12 days -I checked in support told me they didn't know if my book was printed or shipped
because the system is fully automated.

When I checked in again at 14 days -they said there was a problem with the file and it hadn't printed.
Then the same day they said it was scheduled to ship that day.

They don t know which end is up - they wont cancel it they order -
I have no way to figure out if it is printed, shipped, waiting with problem - that no one mentioned for 14 days... complete disappoinment

In summary, I would not recommend The Book Patch to a friend.

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Disastrous customer service
25 September 2019
Reviewer: Mark Engleman - Engleman Associates, Inc. from Vancouver, WA

13 of 26 people found this review helpful

The book patch mailed a $85 order of three books to a client.
the client never received the order.
i contacted the book patch and the support function was told me the order was not delivered and to check with the post office at my clients city.
i check and found that the order had been returned to the city of the book patch. i told them this twice and finally they said they would check and i never heard back.

this company had no interest to help me with the simple mission that our client receive the books sent. and that my $85 fee was resulting in no value and worse a large hassle to get them to take responsibility with their delivery chain. simply awful.

In summary, I would not recommend The Book Patch to a friend.

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The book patch is not cheap!!, by any means.
19 December 2017
Reviewer: Val from Canada

146 of 239 people found this review helpful

It is highly misleading, for the Book Patch to advertise, that it is one of the cheapest book printing services on the internet. I am still in shock over its shipping and handling costs. This important feature, is also not taken into account, when it is bragging about its services. YOU WILL PAY AS MUCH AS $1000.00 and more, for shipping and handling cost!. For a writer, that is not worth it. (And that is also at the wholesale cost for the book, when the writer is ordering her own books). For the real cost of s&h (for retail prices, it is not even worth mentioning here).

I have three books that I have published on the Book Patch. First of all, I could not find any of my books in its bookstore for weeks. I was told that this was because they were listed on page 14. ( I also had a hard time, uploading the covers and even now, the old covers with the spine, are still shown in its bookstore, although, I have also uploaded, newer version of the covers for my children books. The Book Patch system, hasn't got around to making the adjustment as yet.... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend The Book Patch to a friend.

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The Cons (not many Pro's) for theBookPatch.com
09 July 2015
Reviewer: Annette Gallatin from Trail, British Columbia, Canada

107 of 212 people found this review helpful

TheBookPatch.com is basically a printer. But, and this is a BIG 'but' - they don't make any effort to check the product before it leaves their place of printing. A note in passing: I gave them a 'star' for each category as they don't accept 'no star'.

I sent theBookPatch.com my manuscript then ordered one copy (as you can) so that I could make sure I 'caught' any typos or errors before the final printing. I then uploaded the final corrected' PDF to theBookPatch and ordered 75 copies. They printed and shipped me 75 copies OF THE UNCORRECTED MANUSCRIPT. They wouldn't do any thing about it - wouldn't even talk about it. I was highly unhappy, as you can imagine.

But I thought: the quality of the paper is good so okay, I'll start all over. I changed the text on the cover so I paid for another cover, uploaded it, and had them email it back to me so I'd know exactly what they would be printing. It looked beautiful so I uploaded the PDF's of the manuscript and ordered another 75 books.

I was shocked when I opened the boxes that arrived: the name of my book AND my name... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend The Book Patch to a friend.

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