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AuthorU isn't strictly speaking an online book publishing website, however it does provide the means to mingle with other writers and publishers online and in real life, increasing your opportunities for publication and promotion in the world of writing.

If you're looking to simply hand in a manuscript and get it published then you'll have to look elsewhere. Author U is a more traditional route to publishing insofar as it helps you to network and create a relationship with people in the business of publishing. This will provide you with several opportunities to develop your work, meet other writers and potentially develop relationships with publishers.

Many of the benefits of membership with this company come in the form of discounts. You can get discounts on editing, designing, printing, marketing and distribution, with a few key companies in the industry. So, it is tailored somewhat for the self-publishing writer, rather than the writer who is simply going to send a manuscript to an agent or publisher. Now these discounts and networking opportunities don't come free, but they are relatively cheap. Becoming a member for a year costs just under $100, or you can create a group and have several members for $225. This latter option offers fairly good value for money if you can all make the most of your membership.

And much of the value of this service comes down to how much effort you put in to becoming a proactive member. It would be easy to join and then never take advantage of its networking services, in which case it's not a useful tool at all. However if you are keen to meet other writers, attend workshop sessions, webinar classes and more, it could be your bag. If you have an idea of what you want from a service such as this, then it may be worth getting in touch with the team to check what it is you'll be receiving and how involved you can become.

This is by no means a site to use as a guaranteed path to publication, however it does provide some chance of getting to know others who are in the same boat as you. Its membership fees are reasonable but you really do need to make the most of the experiences available in order to develop as a writer and to improve your chances of gaining publication through their networks. 

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