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Have you ever dreamed of publishing your own book with a professionally designed cover? Not quite got the time, patience or skills to tell your story how you'd like to? Outskirts Press provide a wide range of services and package deals to help you make your publication dream a reality. But it doesn't come cheap!

There's no doubting that the books and services on offer from Outskirts are of high quality. Take a look at some of their covers and you can tell straight away that they've been produced by someone who knows what they're doing. The services don't end there either, with editorial services available, from simple proof reading to ghost writing. If you're not quite sure whether your writing is up to standard then that's not necessarily going to get in the way of your story being told.

Of course, none of this is free. Writing a book, even editing it or coming up with a cover design, takes time and effort, as well as skill. If you think you'll need some of these services then OutSkirtsPress is a good place to come, but you'd better get ready to open your wallet. Whilst the site tells you a fair amount of detail and doesn't hide its pricing options, some services simply state a down payment. This essentially means that you pay a set amount before any work is done and then you pay a remainder afterwards which has (potentially) no upper limit. This could become ludicrously expensive so if you are interested in any of these services then it is important to get a written contract outlining the pricing structures to make sure you don't receive a giant and ongoing bill.

In terms of selling your book, the site handles all of the receipt of orders and sending out of copies. You receive the profits directly, but you ought to make a few calculations to see how many copies you'd have to sell in order to make your money back and start turning a profit, assuming this is important to you. The sales page is pretty poorly designed, though, as it only allows a basic search or the ability to browse current titles. This is hardly useful to anyone looking for a particular genre or a book that is similar to something they've read previously. As such the sales end of the site could really use some work. Marketing services are provided and no doubt these will do a much better job of finding sales than simply relying on the book store on the website. However that old bugbear, price, is going to need some attention.

Outskirts Press offers a high quality product, with specialists to help you along the way. But it's an expensive option and is probably not going to make you any money unless you have the next Harry Potter in mind. If money is no object and you want to see your story in print then this could be a good option, but for most people there are cheaper alternatives, particularly if you don't need help with writing.

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