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iUniverse Review

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With more design options and promotional services than you can shake a stick at, iUniverse is a fully tailored book publishing solution. It offers great choice and quality, but with a price tag to match. However, if you want to get the word out about your book, with the potential to give readings and even have your masterpiece feature on TV, there really are no substitutes.

Marketing seems to be the real power of iUniverse, with dozens of options, each of which can add to your book's sales potential in a myriad of ways. From app marketing to targeting pre-live markets, email campaigns to book reviews, their options are almost tireless. You can even have a tailored campaign to suit the specific genre of your book so that you're not targeting non fiction fans when you ought to be going for horror fans.

As well as this, you can produce author and book videos to spread the word in a visual format. Rather excitingly, they have contacts with agents, producers, directors, actors and writers who are able to share and develop your work in the hope of it becoming a TV show or movie! Those are the sorts of contacts some writers only wish they could make but never get the opportunity. Stardom doesn't end their either, with campaigns in papers, magazines and TV all possible, plus Reader's Digest marketing, book exhibitions and signings. If you want to get your name out there, it's all doable with iUniverse.

So what is there besides marketing? Well they also offer plenty of editorial services, ranging from basic proof reading to one-on-one guidance from a professional editor. If you think your work might need a bit of spit and polish then you ought to find guidance here. Prices vary for any service, depending on your needs, with some (such as a TV campaign) being very expensive, and others (such as basic copy editing) being more affordable.

Although the site clearly offers you plenty of choice in terms of the services it can provide, this could easily soon mount up. In this tough market, publishing a book and earning a profit can be a risky game, so you should consider the potential risk and pay offs of paying for these services well in advance. 

There are a few package deals that you can purchase, the cheapest of which (“Select”) includes one-on-one support, non-exclusive contracts, author discounts, custom cover designs, an ISBN number, distribution networks, a learning centre (12 month subscription) ePub format, 3 copies of your book, 10 book stubs and up to 25 black and white images. So far as package deals go this isn't too bad, you get plenty of features, plus a few nice extras that you won't find elsewhere. However, it is still on the high end of the market compared with some of the DIY publishing sites, but you do get a much greater level of service. 

The only real downsides of iUniverse are that it's going to cost you considerably more than the cheapest publishing websites, and that the site's information is a little too spread out, making it difficult to compare services and costs quickly. You can contact them in a live chat, which is good to see, but otherwise you'll have to send an in-site message and wait for a reply. Overall though, we were very impressed by the range and quality of services provided by iUniverse.com. If you have the money and want an all-out high quality book and sales campaign, this is a good place to come.

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