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Say hello to Mr Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer. He's a one-man information point for everything self-publishing based. Whether it's advice on writing style, plot, typography, printing or distribution, Joel has plenty to tell you. Of course, his services don't come  free, but they could be well worth the money. The website has plenty to offer too, with a range of free information on writing your book and bringing it to publication. However, that's all the site offers: advice.

Information is a valuable thing, and it's true that writers do need to be aware of their market, and how the publishing industry works, to get a leg up in the business. TheBookDesigner.com has plenty of information to check out, including a free 24 page report that includes self-publishing advice on what to do, who to contact and things to avoid. There are also plenty of useful articles to read, with other users commenting on them. 

Aside from a useful resource, this website is also a way for Joel to advertise his own services, which include giving talks at writers conferences and other such events. He may be useful if you run a writing group and are interested in letting your members know about self publication. Otherwise, his services revolve around 1 hour or 90 minute telephone meetings, where you can discuss your book and how it might get to market. He will also give advice on the sorts of people you should contact and how much it might cost you. Cleverly, this is all recorded as an MP3 for your convenience. Joel will send you the file after the conversation so you can listen to it again without needing to worry about taking notes whilst you're talking.

What the site is lacking is a range of services outside of this advice. It's a useful information resource, yes, but this is all you'll get (except for a few templates). This isn't a site for uploading your work and having a book produced, you have to do that elsewhere. And whilst information from professionals could make a lot of difference, you need to carefully consider what it is that you're hoping to find out, and whether it's worth the fees that are charged. 

This is a professional set up, and the personalized advice could be very useful to a number of people. However it may not be necessary for everyone and it is an extra cost that you might not need, particularly as you don't get any physical product at the end of it. However if you feel you really could use a one-on-one chat then The Book Designer could be right up your alley. 

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