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Vook provides professional editing, printing and marketing services to help you sell your book. It's not the cheapest of sites, but it does offer a few interesting publication packages, as well as optional extras, meaning that you can tailor its services to suit your needs.

There are three main publishing packages to choose from here, although we're not compeltely convinced that the price difference between them is worth it. The basic package provides an e-book publication with mobile option. It allows you to sell your book on Amazon, Google, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iBooks, earning you up to 85% from sales. This distribution network has a number of the key players involved so you ought to make more sales than if you were to simply distribute it for yourself, although you could do this if you choose. The basic package also allows you to perform one proof read and revision session, whereby a professional reader will check the manuscript and make any necessary suggestions, which you can then take on or ignore. You can also monitor your daily sales, a feature which we'll come to shortly. Compared with the basic package, the advanced package costs about $140 more, but the only major advantage that we could see was that you get an extra round of proofs and revisions. This might be useful if you feel you'd need a second round of changes, but otherwise we're not sure it's worth the money. That said, it does allow you to include more pages in your book, so it might be necessary to upgrade if your book is longer than the basic package will allow. The complex package is the most expensive at $599, allowing up to 400 pages and 100 images, you can also include audio/visual elements and up to 500 hyperlinkes, making it a good choice for manuals, cook books or guides. 

Sales tracking is a key feature that you might be interested in using if you go with Vook. Actually you can track the sales of up to 10 books for free, but if you purchase a package then you'll be able to see the daily sales of your book. This could be useful to identify particular dates that seem to improve sales (Christmas for example) and then target a certain market or sales site. Having some idea of how the market works is definitely a plus, but the site is lacking somewhat in terms of helpful advice. This is a bit disappointing considering a lot of the promotional activities will need to be performed by the author (aka: you). The site does have a blog, with some informative and up to date articles, but finding anything specific isn't that easy. The blog can be filtered, however, to only show particular articles, such as e-publishing, product design, marketing and more, so in some sense this serves as a guide for new writers.

Vook seems like a half decent online publisher, however its prices are quite high and it doesn't really do anything outstanding to set itself apart from the crowd. It might be worth signing up for the free sales tracking, though, as this could provide some useful information on how to help develop your sales.

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