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Free information can be a fine thing. In the world of publishing it can be hard to know where to start and how to bring your book to print, let alone how to go about marketing it properly. Independent publisher has linked with the Jenkins Group, providing electronic and paper publishing options, but it also provides some really useful information for anyone who is looking to publish.

The site itself doesn't really provide online book publishing, rather this is outsourced to the Jenkins Group, and their services and prices are provided on request. However, you can still take advantage of what IndependentPublisher.com has to offer the budding writer in you. Articles such as “what publishing really costs” and “how to build a pre-book buzz” might be vital to anyone who is hoping to make decent sales. It's not simply enough to produce a book and then hope people buy it.  Much of the work in self publishing, if you choose that route, involves being able to market your book (and yourself) properly.

The Jenkins Group offer ghost writing services as well as editing and publishing options. This essentially means that if you have a great book idea but you don't have the time or desire to write it then you can have someone else write it for you and simply reap the benefits. This is inevitably an expensive option, though, so should be carefully considered because it could mean you make a loss if you don't make enough sales.

The Independent Publisher site provides a back catalogue of news and articles to explore, offering a wealth of information. They advertise events for you to attend, either online or offline. This could be a useful way of expanding your networks and getting in touch with other writers to share your thoughts. You can also keep up to date with any book awards or particular texts that are selling well to get an idea of the sorts of books that are doing well at the moment.

All of this information is free, but fundamentally the site is not massively useful if you're looking for an online book publisher. Even its sister site is a bit bare, offering relatively few services when compared with some of its competitors. As such we would recommend this website for someone who is looking for some useful advice on bringing a book to market, but not necessarily for the actual publishing of your book. However, why not take a look and decide for yourself, after all they've gone to some lengths to offer free and impartial information for writers, showing a dedication to their cause. It's also probably a good idea to have a look at the sorts of books they're promoting, as they tend to do better with non-fiction than fiction.

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