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Trident Media Group Review

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Trident Media Group is an impressive outfit, having published a number of big names in the literary world. But that doesn't mean they're closed to submissions from lesser known (or even unknown) writers. They have a professional team of literary agents who will be able to advise you on your book, bring it to market and make sure you get the best deals possible. They also have experience in turning books into movies, with some top household movies under their metaphoric wings.

It all sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn't it? Well Trident is certainly a bigger fish than many sites involved in online publishing, however they might work slightly differently from how you would expect. Primarily this is a literary agency (although they do handle other media too). This means that you have to be accepted onto their books in order for them to help your text find a home with a publisher. There are a great number of benefits to this as it means you get to utilise their various literary contacts and they essentially do a lot of the hard work (sending out your manuscript, contacting editors and so on) for you. However they also charge commission, and won't take on just any project. 

That said, Trident Media Group do offer print publishing and e-book publishing services, as well as audio books. This means they may be more able to accept slightly different projects. Their experienced team may be interested in a wide range of ideas and approaches, but please do make sure to check their submission details before firing off your ideas. The commission rate for sales in North America is 15%, or 20% of foreign sales. Other rates apply to audio books, films and so on.

The website is slick and represents their professional demeanour. However it is a little lacking in information at times and acquiring new clients seems to over shadow their desire to promote current texts (although most publicity should be carried out by the publisher rather than the agency). We had a bit of difficulty moving to different parts of the site at times, as it kept returning us to pages that we'd already viewed, which was something of an irritation, albeit not crippling. If you're interested in following the progress of this media group, checking out their clients, books they've published and movie projects they've been involved in then you can view their news section

TridentMediaGroup.com won't really cost you anything, except perhaps a cut of your sales. This is standard for an agency, and their commission rates are pretty normal. However they won't simply publish any book you want to publish, meaning that if you're turned down by them then you'll have to go looking elsewhere. If you're looking to self publish then this isn't necessarily a site you'll be interested in, but if you feel that your book really could make waves but you need a professional hand to get it to the market then Trident Media Group could be worth contacting. We recommend that you check out their current publications and the clients they represent to get an idea as to whether you feel they can do your book the service it deserves.

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