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Books Just Books Review

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As BooksJustBooks.com states, “the only one who benefits from printing too many books is the printer!” As such they have produced a system whereby individuals or companies can print texts on demand, from as few as 100 copies all the way up to 1 million copies!

The quoted price we received for a hypothetical book was much cheaper than you'll find from companies who offer book publishing services that include editing, covers, marketing and so on. However, that is perhaps to be expected considering you're doing all of that work for yourself. This makes Books Just Books a good option if you're confident that your book doesn't need more editing, and you are happy to market it for yourself. Essentially, this is a good site for you if you just want to print books as you need them.

No big surprises there, then. We were a little surprised, however, that there were a few options lacking when we tried to get a quote. For example we couldn't choose the type of binding used, or the thickness of paper. You also can't choose an option to include diagrams, which could be very important for anyone who wishes to publish a children's book or an academic text. This isn't to say that you can't include these things in your order, but that it wasn't made apparent that you could.

This is a US-based company with distribution networks throughout the states, meaning that you can easily collect your books or have them delivered without a ridiculous long distance charge. This is important when it comes to small orders because if you only print books as you need them, then you don't want the price ramped up by regular delivery fees. 

The site does offer resources for writers who need help with writing, editing, design and marketing. You can also obtain ISBN numbers, which are vital for a number of stores and libraries, cover designs, editorial assistance, reviewers and more. All of these services are out-sourced to other companies though, so you'll need to make individual inquiries to find out how much they might cost. 

Books Just Books could be a good option for you if you are only looking to print books, particularly if you want them in small batches. However, it does seem to lack a few printing options that you'll find elsewhere, and it doesn't do much aside from printing. Its US network might be a money and time saver, though, so you may be drawn towards using them, particularly if you live near one of their offices/printers.

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