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Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Review

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We've all heard of – and probably shopped on – Amazon. It's world renowned, offering a huge range of products for a low price. Now you can quickly and simply publish your e-book on Amazon, selling it on one of the largest online distribution networks in the world. Although it's a simple system, and costs you nothing initially, Amazon KDP can charge significantly more than other sales sites, and has far fewer design options available to you.

The big pull to self publish on Amazon is the fact that it receives so much traffic. With the correct key words associated with your book, you could attract (potentially) millions of people to your text. This is important because it means there are some decisions to be made about the revenue you'll make.

Some online book publishing websites will offer up to 100% of the earnings you make from sales, whereas Amazon offers you between 30% and 70% of your earnings. It's important to check exactly what you'll make from each sale through Amazon because you can get caught in the position of making far less than you initially expected. Please read the various terms and conditions carefully before you click that final button to publish your book.

So what are the other benefits of this website over its peers? Simplicity is one: uploading and converting your book into an e-book to sell online can take as little as 5 minutes. Once that's done your book can appear online for sales within 24 hours, the earnings going directly into your bank account. You can create cover images, although this isn't the easiest tool for doing so that we've seen. Images can become a little distorted so you'll need to take your time to make sure it looks exactly how you want it. You'll get there eventually, it can just be a little troublesome at times.

So despite the massive potential for sales, this website offers relatively few additional features. You can have your book printed or turned into audio for further sales, but you'll have to check out the sister sites that perform these services for you (and these services won't be free). In terms of information regarding the ins and outs of publishing through Amazon, the site has a substantial and user-friendly FAQ, plus there are plenty of people talking online about various issues they have, so you should feel pretty well looked after.

The lending library is a feature that you may wish to investigate further. Essentially you can allow users to “rent” your book for free and then “return” it after a limited period. Not all users can access this feature (mainly it's for Amazon Prime users) but it's a good way to get the word out about your book, and to have people try it out. You can also give away your book for free, or for a very low price, if you're simply interested in folks reading what you've written in the hope they're more willing to pay for a subsequent publication of yours.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is quick, simple and free to use. However they take a fairly big cut of your earnings, which might not suit everyone. Its editing and design tools are also pretty limited. That said, publishing your book with them means you have a massive potential audience, and 30% of a million dollars is better than 100% of nothing.

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