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Pothi is an India-based book publisher which offers printing and editing services, as well as options to have bespoke covers designed especially for your book. You can also opt to distribute your book through major online Indian retailers such as Flipkart and Infibeam.

The fact that Pothi is based in India is a bit of a mixed blessing. On one hand this makes their products considerably cheaper than some of their Western counterparts, with cover designs being as little as $24. However it might be an issue with regard to sending printed copies across the globe, and if you have any issues you can hardly pop into the office (unless you live in India or are visiting). That considered, the site presents itself as very professional and there are several ways to contact the team.

You are able to upload your text or another e-book and then choose several important differences in its production, meaning that you can put your own touch into how the book appears and feels in your hands. You can choose the page size, the paper thickness, the binding and whether or not there is colour inside the book. As the site points out, this makes it great for producing a book as a gift. The prices stated on the site are for purchasing as few as one copy of a text, which seems great and is quite a rarity in this industry. Essentially this means you could write your memoirs and then have just a few copies for friends and family, without having to pay hundreds of dollars for the experience. What is a little alarming, however, is the note on the side that says “prices shown are subject to change without prior notice”. This could potentially mean that your initial cost of $1.50 per book could suddenly jump and there's no indication by how much it could change.

The additional services available from Pothi are pretty standard, but again they're very cheap when compared to American online book publishing sites. The website also has a pretty substantial section full of resources for writers, which includes links to other sites and articles. This could be very useful to any writer who is looking to self publish and we'd recommend looking at these sections in some detail. 

Pothi offers unique printing options at a discount. This makes it a great option for anyone who is happy to do business outside of the US, especially if they're interested in very small print runs.

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