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Our first impression of Book Tango was that it seemed to offer a lot of publishing tools at no cost. Was it really true that you could edit and publish your e-book completely free of charge? If so it's a step above some of its competitors, especially as its editing tools look pretty handy and easy to use. However, not everything is quite as heavenly as it first seems, as you need to sell your book through their site, otherwise you'll need to pay to receive a copy of your e-book for distribution in other ways.

This might not seem a massive problem if you just want to sell through the Book Tango website, however if you want to make your e-book available on other sites such as Amazon then you'll want to own a copy of it, edited, to upload. This is possible although it will cost you almost $50, which is far less attractive than receiving it for free. The fact is that you're unlikely to make many sales through only having your e-book on BookTango.com so you'll probably need to pay their fee so that you can sell it elsewhere. One positive of selling through this website is that you keep 100% of the profits - they take nothing. In comparison with other e-book distributors this is very generous, but then again you have to consider whether you'd rather get 70% of the profits on a busy site (such as Amazon, where you might sell thousands) or 100% of the profits on a site such as this (where it seems fairly unlikely you'll sell thousands). 

On to the editing tools, which actually seem pretty good and easy enough to use, even for someone who has no experience in editing. You can watch a video to get an impression of how this is done, including how to go about creating a cover for your book. Covers are pretty amateur unless you pay for a design expert, though, which isn't necessarily ideal for everyone. Different tools are available depending on which package you use. The various packages offer different advantages, such as improved marketing or professional editing. This is useful because it means you can choose what you'd most need to help improve your book and bring it to the marketplace. However these packages can get pretty expensive considering it's just for an e-book. That said, they aren't necessarily a lot more expensive than you'll find elsewhere.

BookTango isn't quite as free as it seems in terms of publishing your e-book widely, however it does have a relatively cheap option to allow you to do this. It has some easy to use, practical advice and tools, which are worth taking advantage of, but doesn't have any printing / paper publication options if you require them.

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