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Book Baby Review

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Whether it's digital publication or print publication you're looking for, Book Baby has several packages that provide fairly good value. It's not the cheapest site around, but it's also not one of the more expensive ones, offering 100 copies of your text for as little as $599.

Of course there are other costs to consider in the whole publishing process, especially if you feel that you'd need some editorial assistance. The three packages available offer a variety of options to suit your budget and needs. The first option is free to publish, and BookBaby.com will distribute your e-book around the globe using a fairly impressive network of sales sites. However, they also take 15% of revenue from sales, so you will only make 85%. This is fairly standard, but if you think that you'd like to use the site for publishing and distribution then you may wish to consider their Premium package, which gives you 100% of the net sales. Each package provides distribution and also a money off coupon for cover designs and printing copies of your book. This can really bring down the cost of making your book unique and getting hard copies to sell, so it's certainly a plus.

Uploading your file for conversion into an e-book is very simple and you should have no trouble doing so. The paid packages also offer some promotion in the form of a book shop, as well as offering a conversion so that your text can be read on a mobile device. For $20 a month (the first two months are free if you have the premium package) you can take advantage of HostBaby web hosting, a dedicated page for your book which can be used to tell others about any readings or promotions you're doing. 

The site doesn't contain a great deal of information, although you can download a free guide on how to make money with your e-book. This is fine but there are other sites that offer much more information for writers on how to improve their work, what to check for and how to distribute it effectively. More could be done in this area. There's also not a real sense of any kind of community on the site so adding forums would be a great benefit as they can help to develop networks among writers and publishers, which can be important in this difficult market.

The bookshop is a little unusual. In the first instance it's quite difficult to locate and once you do it simply tells you how your page will appear and how it can be edited. This is all well and good, but we think that a book shop should actually take you directly to an online store so you can browse the books. As such, selling through the site exclusively may be more difficult than it should be. However the distributions don't end there and in fact Book Baby does utilise a fairly impressive list of online stores, including some of the biggest names around, to help sell your book. We think it would be a better idea to utilize these sites, although you may incur the charge from the initial sales site (for example, Amazon) and then the charge from Book Baby, meaning overall your income will be fairly heavily hit.

This website offers a high quality set of products and services for a fair price. Its online distribution is a mixed bag at times, but generally its use of several major names ought to make sure your sales are higher than they would be otherwise, even if you have to give away a bigger piece of the pie.

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