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On loading up the homepage, MyEbook.com presents a message that it is a not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to allowing writers to edit, develop and publish their ebooks. However, it claims that the site is struggling and may be closed by October 2014, which could be a real shame.

Essentially the site provides free tools to edit your e-book, using a simple two-featured editing program. All you do is drag and drop your pages, plus any images, onto the interface, and then you can click on any area and it will show you the various edits you can make. This makes it particularly useful for anyone who wants to include diagrams, graphs or pictures, so it could be of great use to comic book writers and illustrators. However this is as far as it goes, and so it is a little underdeveloped compared to some of its competitors. Still, it is free and that's no bad thing when so many other sites will charge you to use their software.

The fact that the site is free to use is great. However, it's not completely free in reality as they take 10% of your profits for books sold on their site. Still, that's a fairly low percentage and they host your book on an attractive website that looks modern and well designed. It's unclear whether you can download your new book once it's been snazzed up using their software, but if this is necessary for you then you should make sure that this is possible before putting it on their site (as it will be considered published and so other publishers may not be willing to consider it for publication elsewhere). 

There's very little in the way of advice for writers, and no real distribution network, which could severely restrict sales. There is however a community area where you can communicate with others who are in the business. You can also check out all the books on sale in the online library, which shows you a clear image of the cover and a few basic details on each book.

The services on offer are perhaps too basic for most users. However if you're interested in using their free software for editing, especially if you're interested in graphic novels, this website could be worth exploring in more detail.

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