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Publishing your own book is no simple feat, it takes time, dedication and skill. If you've decided to write a book, or even have one ready and waiting to go to press but you're not so keen on the usual route to publication, then Author House might be able to help.

The site provides editorial, printing, distribution and marketing services to help bring your book to publication and hopefully turn you a profit. Its range of services is exemplary, and whilst they'll set you back a pretty penny, we feel that, if you do have the money to spare, then you can create something truly unique that you'll treasure for the rest of your life.

First let's look at some of the services on offer from Author House. There are several formatting services available, essentially allowing you to choose the media in which it it sent to your reader. You can select from audio books, electronic books or print formats (hardback or paper back). This alone provides plenty of options for the would-be author.

Following on from this, you have a wide variety of design services to help make your book something special, whether it's to stand out on the shelf or simply to reflect your writing and personality. You can include illustrations and diagrams inside your book, either in colour or simply in black and white, as well as playing with the layout of the interior. Interestingly they also provide a cover design service or a stock image service, so you can either commission a unique cover or use images that already exist.

If you think that your writing needs a bit of attention then AuthorHouse.com provides professional editorial services, ranging from just checking the nuts and bolts of writing (that your grammar is correct, your punctuation marks make sense and so on) to more advanced services wherein an editor will comment on stylistic elements of your work, proposing potential changes to make. After your manuscript is written to the standard you desire, you can then have it typeset and formatted properly and the team's eagle eyes will make sure it is produced professionally.

  The team has networks amongst movie producers, actors, TV agencies, radio stations and more.  

Then comes the hard bit! Many book sales now rely on a good marketing strategy and the connections you can make within the industry. Thankfully, Author House has this covered, with a wide range of marketing services including anything from book reviews to all-out TV campaigns. Some of these prospects are incredibly exciting as the team has networks amongst movie producers, actors, TV agencies, radio stations and more, meaning there is the potential for your book to become a household name. 

It might sound obvious but if you do happen to take out TV ad campaigns, movie connections, editorial and design services, it's going to cost you money. The site doesn't tell you the specific costs of every service, but then again there are so many that this might well depend on what you need for your book. It would be wise to give them a call or send an email to make some basic inquiries in order to determine the approximate cost of the services you need.

You can also check out their package deals, which offer several services for a fixed price. Although the costs are high in comparison to Do-It-Yourself publishing websites, the level of service is far superior here and in comparison with some of its peers that offer similar services, Author House is relatively cheap. 

In terms of information and networking, this website does a really good job at providing advice to writers, as well as space for authors to talk with each other. There's an “author in the house” page which gives details of a successful author's work, their routines and advice. This is worth reading because it gives an idea of the life of an author.

You an also visit the book store, which displays best sellers, new releases and upcoming titles, with details on each book. The searching features here are also very useful because they allow any reader to potentially locate your book based on their previous reading habits and books they've enjoyed.

Author House offers top editorial and marketing services throughout the publication of your book. It's not the cheapest website available for online book publishing but it comparison to its similar peers it offers value for money, as well as the potential to really get your book known in the world. Check it out.

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