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The Book Patch Review

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The Book Patch is essentially a personal printing press that is ready and waiting to print your books. Prices are determined by the binding, size, colour and quantity required, and can be delivered within three working days of your order.

This is a simple system whereby you simply upload your document as a PDF, design a cover and then choose your printing preferences. It's very easy to use and the site even includes a helpful costs calculator so you can see how much your books will set you back. The key attributes that decide the cost are the colour options, number of pages, and how many copies of the book you'd like to order. The more you order, the cheaper they become per unit, so if you're looking to print large numbers then you'll get them for a bargain. For example if you order 49 black and white (with colour cover) books, 77 pages each, 6” X 9” with perfect binding, they'll cost just $2.49 each. Not bad! Prices will increase when you change these basic attributes, but that's to be expected. The best value will come from large purchases of simple, short books, making it ideal for printing medium length pamphlets or short collections (such as poems or short stories). 

You've probably already guessed it but BookPatch isn't really a publisher, it's more of a printing merchant. That said, they can register your book with an ISBN number, with prices starting from $25. This means that your product will appear on Amazon and will be recognised by libraries, adding a sense of legitimacy and making it easier for people to order. They also provide a free shop through which you can sell your book, meaning that potential readers can easily find and purchase the book through their site. 

In terms of writing and editing tools, this is where the website falls down slightly in comparison with its competitors. There are a few free writing tools worth checking out, but there are really no additional services other than printing. The site has a forum, which might be a good place to talk with other writers about their experiences, and an FAQ, but otherwise you're pretty much left to your own devices.

If you have a book that's ready to hit the market then Book Patch could be a good option. It offers high quality prints at low prices. However if you still need to work on your book, are looking for editorial services or want to improve your marketing, then you'll want to look towards another book publishing website. Still, there's plenty on offer here for the budding book entrepreneur. 

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