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Infinity Publishing Review

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Infinity publishing offers quick and easy options for getting your manuscript into print and distribution. It offers digital, print and audio options, as well as a few package deals and extra choices to provide a wide range of service. Whilst it's not the most expensive website available for publishing books it also isn't the cheapest by a long shot, and this might be a turn off for some potential customers.

If you have a few hundred dollars going spare and you're looking to publish your own book then InfinityPublishing.com might be a viable option for you. They offer a wide range of a la carte services, or a variety of package deals that can save you money in the long run. They also offer editorial services should you need them, and a few free resources. These resources including a free book publishing guide, articles with some advice on publishing, and a gallery of book covers to give you a sense of the sorts of books they publish and the sorts of designs you can use. This is good to see, the website doesn't attempt to hide away its product and isn't afraid to tell you the real cost of its services.

The covers are variable in quality, with some seeming excellent (vivid, evocative, artistic) and others looking much more amateur. This may be down to the design choices of the authors, but then again you might expect someone from the company to “recommend” another look since they're the professionals. 

The company has an experienced team which has worked with almost 7000 authors to date, publishing nearly 7,000 titles since 1997. They publish all genres and have global networks for distributions. Since the company will publish any book, provided you pay, the standard might not always be that high. This means that your book may not be given the best opportunity to shine by being categorized with other books from this publisher which may not be not top notch. However if you feel that this wouldn't be a problem and that your book could stand its own ground, and you like the look of the books they produce, then it may be worth looking into Infinity Publishing in more detail.

Prices are a bit high here, but not astronomical. The final product designs are mixed but so long as you have a keen eye and are assertive enough to make your mark then you could go far with this publishing service. They have an option to “tell us about your book” so that you can get some immediate advice as to how to go about producing and marketing anything you have written, so whilst this isn't the most innovating book publishing website around, it may well offer what you need.

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