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Llumina Press Review

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Llumina offers a fairly wide range of editing, publishing and marketing options for the potential published writer. It covers a whole range of creative genres, as well as non-fiction and academic texts, but its site is sometimes lacking in design quality, which hardly bodes well for the final quality of their promotional tools. Its services also don't come cheap, so you'll need a few hundred (or thousand!) dollars to hand if you're hoping to use Llumina's services.

The site may be a little full of hyperlinks and bland text, however it is relatively well organised. You can visit the site's book store, check out the free e-books, visit areas that have been designed exclusively for academics, professions, out of print books and more or pay for editing services. It also offers a decent, but not extensive, range of writer's resources which include offset printing, eWriter Magazine, contests and news. This is all helpful stuff even if you decide to pay for a service elsewhere.

In terms of marketing, there are several interesting ideas to consider on this website. You can create video book trailers as a way of spreading your message in an audio-visual way. The site also offers “guaranteed reviews” and “radio interviews” are available. This is perhaps a little suspect though as legitimate reviewers tend to be somewhat picky about what they're willing to review. That said, Llumina staff might have some decent contacts, and even a paid-for review might be better than none at all. You can also have a web page designed for your book  which isn't a bad idea as it means you can send potential buyers a simple link for them to find out more about your work.

Llumina.com isn't cheap. Ebook formatting alone costs almost $300 (although for $499 you can have the complete E-book package). Compare this to free online publishing and you'll see just how expensive this is. Meanwhile their full package, with all the bells and whistles, costs $2999. Unless you sell quite a few copies, you're potentially going to make a big loss on this. 

If you've got the cash then this might be a site to consider. They have some inventive marketing options, and your books will feature on Amazon and Ingram. However much of the marketing will still depend on  your enthusiasm, and we're not so keen on the various t-shirts and tacky self promotional toys and key fobs they have to offer, which can smell of desperation. Of course, you can simply not buy them!

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