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DiggyPod.com offers a comprehensive range of printing services for your book or e-book. You can choose from a strong variety of printing options including paper thickness, size, lamination and colour printing, making it a flexible system for publishing all genres.

Most of the services provided by Diggy Pod are concerned with the printing and binding of your book. Whilst the range of options here is fairly impressive, it does lack somewhat with regard to editing your manuscript. You can convert your text into a PDF for distribution or uploading to their system, which is a good way to make sure that your book appears as you intend it to, however more editing tools, or service options, would be appreciated. 

As such this is really a site to visit if you're already happy with your manuscript and just want it printed. If you're looking for some professional feedback or writing services then please check out some of the other online book publishing websites we've reviewed. What the site offers, however, is value. Printing your book can be pretty cheap, particularly if you don't mind sticking to the basic preferences (a relatively short book without colour inside), and can cost as little as $2.92 per copy. This ought to offer a decent mark up on sales. However there are some cheaper sites around, particularly if you want to buy large numbers.

The fact that you can purchase just 100 copies of your book on the site might be a lure, especially if you're not sure how many you're likely to sell. A common trap that writers can fall into is to order too many copies, which they then have to store away and may never sell. Regarding the quality of the books, the website goes into some detail as to the various quality checks performed at each stage in the book's publication (before they begin, while it's in print and after printing).

There are several documents for writers to read through, including articles and a Q&A, plus testimonials. You can also check out a video which explains the whole process. Those things aside, though, the site offers relatively few features to be excited about.

This is a book printing website for anyone who is looking for a decent quality publication which they plan to write, edit, design and market themselves. Its prices are very fair for the products provided, and its small print numbers mean that you don't need to waste hundreds of dollars on stock you may never manage to sell. However it is lacking in additional services or editorial tools, so if you need to work on what you've written or are looking for feedback then you may wish to consult an editor first before going to print.

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