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Category: Online Book Publishing
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AuthorHouse Costs & Features

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  • “Book to Book Store” packages:
    • Online package is $799.
    • Brick & Mortar package is $1,299.
    • Graphic Novel package is $1,999.
  • "Book to Network" packages:
    • Web Radio package is $1,799.
    • Web TV package is $4,499.
    • Mainstream Radio and TV package is $9,999.
  • "Book to Hollywood" packages:
    • Synopsis is $1,599.
    • Treatment is $4,399.
    • Video treatment is $6,99.
  • Various other services are available a la carte, please view the site for pricing details.
  • Books: produce and publish a book.
  • Graphic novels: create beautiful graphic novels and comics.
  • Formats: choose from hardback, softback or audio books.
  • Production: regular checks at each stage of production to make sure your book is perfect.
  • Rapid release: if you're in a hurry you can get to print quickly.
  • Selling: a range of features to tailor your selling techniques.
  • Technical editing: make sure all your commas and full stops are in the right place!
  • Advanced editing: a professional editor will take a close look for stylistic changes.
  • Packages: choose from a wide range of packages to suit your production and marketing needs.
  • Video: put your face to your name with video marketing strategies.
  • Movies: make it to the theatres, have your book considered by movie producers, actors, directors, etc.
  • Radio: create a radio marketing campaign to get the word out.
  • TV: have your book appear on TV!
  • Colour: include interior colour illustrations.
  • Cover: have a unique cover designed for your book.
  • Stock images: use a predesigned image for your cover.
  • Contact: use an in-site message, email, phone or snail mail.
  • Social networks: check out what's happening with Author House on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.
  • Blog: read the latest posts on all things writerly.
  • Author advice: check out tips from real writers and editors.
  • Book store: sell your book through the exclusive store.
  • Author in the house: read all about one of Author House's authors, or become one yourself and have new members read about your success.


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