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The Cons (not many Pro's) for theBookPatch.com
09 July 2015
Reviewer: Annette Gallatin from Trail, British Columbia, Canada

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TheBookPatch.com is basically a printer. But, and this is a BIG 'but' - they don't make any effort to check the product before it leaves their place of printing. A note in passing: I gave them a 'star' for each category as they don't accept 'no star'.

I sent theBookPatch.com my manuscript then ordered one copy (as you can) so that I could make sure I 'caught' any typos or errors before the final printing. I then uploaded the final corrected' PDF to theBookPatch and ordered 75 copies. They printed and shipped me 75 copies OF THE UNCORRECTED MANUSCRIPT. They wouldn't do any thing about it - wouldn't even talk about it. I was highly unhappy, as you can imagine.

But I thought: the quality of the paper is good so okay, I'll start all over. I changed the text on the cover so I paid for another cover, uploaded it, and had them email it back to me so I'd know exactly what they would be printing. It looked beautiful so I uploaded the PDF's of the manuscript and ordered another 75 books.

I was shocked when I opened the boxes that arrived: the name of my book AND my name (the author) were BOTH PRINTED TWICE ON THE FRONT COVER! And, not only on the COVER but on the SPINE as well! One set of "title and author" was in red, in the font I'd agreed to and ANOTHER set of "title and author" were printed in black - the front cover is FILLED with book name(s) and author name(s). Two more sets of "title and author" are repeated the same way on the spine.

Of course, I'd PAID for the books because you PAY IN ADVANCE. The company refuses to even talk to me - they take no responsibility for this mess. Somewhere between me 'okaying' the PDF and the printing of the book, the screw up happened. It happened ON THEIR END, but they're not doing anything to redress the situation and will not answer my calls or reply to my emails.

I've spent over $1500.00 with theBookPatch and I STILL don't have a book that I can even GIVE away.

My advice: be very careful how you order from theBookPatch.com - what you choose for printing may not turn out the way you're expecting. And they WON'T GIVE A DAMN BECAUSE THEY'VE ALREADY GOT YOUR MONEY.

In summary, I would not recommend The Book Patch to a friend.

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