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The book patch is not cheap!!, by any means.
19 December 2017
Reviewer: Val from Canada

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It is highly misleading, for the Book Patch to advertise, that it is one of the cheapest book printing services on the internet. I am still in shock over its shipping and handling costs. This important feature, is also not taken into account, when it is bragging about its services. YOU WILL PAY AS MUCH AS $1000.00 and more, for shipping and handling cost!. For a writer, that is not worth it. (And that is also at the wholesale cost for the book, when the writer is ordering her own books). For the real cost of s&h (for retail prices, it is not even worth mentioning here).

I have three books that I have published on the Book Patch. First of all, I could not find any of my books in its bookstore for weeks. I was told that this was because they were listed on page 14. ( I also had a hard time, uploading the covers and even now, the old covers with the spine, are still shown in its bookstore, although, I have also uploaded, newer version of the covers for my children books. The Book Patch system, hasn't got around to making the adjustment as yet. Most importantly, I wanted to see how that printing company did with the books, so I ordered a few copies at the wholesale prices. Well, instead of viewing it as one order, the Book Patch calculated it as three separate orders. Which means that I would have to pay the shipping and handling fees (three times and not once). The Book Patch shipping and handling fees are as follows: From $43.00 to $92.00 for each book. If you order say nine books, multiply that figure by 3. So $43. would be $129.00 and over $300.00 at the higher rate. If you order ten books, it could easily go over a thousand dollars for shipping and handling costs. The problem is that even though it is one order, the Book Patch calculated it as separate order and also you're charged on your visa, for as many books as you've ordered. NOT AS A SINGLE ORDER. The cost then can be astronomical, if you have more than one book with the Book Patch. Quite misleading indeed.

In summary, I would not recommend The Book Patch to a friend.

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