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Use a Local Printer-That's What this Place is Doing
13 February 2021
Reviewer: Milissa from United States

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I made the mistake of using them. My 2-3 week turnover was so inaccurate as to be laughable. First I was given a fake tracking number. Then they took almost four weeks to process my order. Then, what they sent had black and white illustrations with the editing marks still visible. They had simply cut and pasted, without bothering to properly format the illustrations.

Because I was irritated and had plenty of time to kill since my books weren't here-I did some looking that I should have done before wasting my time with this "publisher."

First, they cannot even get a rating from the BBB because of their atrocious business practices.
Second, this is a one man operation. Dave may refer to other people, but it's just Dave. Dave is a liar.
Third, Dave is a liar because the first fake tracking number that he gave me sent a delivery in the opposite direction of my order. A little research with the USPS and he had given me a fake tracking number that was obviously connected with an order that wasn't mine. Slimy, no?

Fourth, if you Google his "work" address, you will find a coffee house. Their address (for now) 4400 N Scottsdale RD Ste 905 Scottsdale AZ is a mini-mall compound and if you pull up that address, you get a coffee house. To tell you that it takes work to find that address is not an understatement. Who is he hiding from? Also, I managed to find a phone number. I must have reached Dave. First he said he was Dave, then he magically became Carl, then he hung up and blocked my number. When I called with my husband's phone, Carl had metamorphisized into Dave again. Yes, that number is blocked now, also.

Fifth, I say for now, because when you start tracking The Book Patch, you'll see that they used to be located in California in two separate locations, I guess they like to move. Then they were in Colorado. Then they moved to the Phoenix area, and now they have descended on Scotsdale.

Sixth, pay with a method that can get a chargeback, ie a credit or debit card that will work with you as Visa did for me. You will thank me later. On other review sites this guy is so petty that he responds to every negative review with sarcasm and falsehoods.

Save yourself. If only I had read accurate reviews about this scammer before wasting my time but not my money (thanks Visa!) I would have saved myself so much time, money and aggravation. Use any search engine and type in The Book Patch Scam and see what pops up. I truly wish that I had done that before I let them waste 6 weeks of my life. Life is short- your work deserves better than The Book Patch. It asks if I would recommend Book Patch to a friend. I wouldn't recommend The Book Patch to an Ex.

In summary, I would not recommend The Book Patch to a friend.

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